About us

Write well and earn money (wwaem), is a knowledge-based and problem-solving online platform dedicated to the use of creative writing and thinking in identifying the plethora of problems and challenges confronting humanity globally and proffering/providing answers and solutions to same.

Our objective is to contribute our quota to the revival of knowledge in Nigeria in particular and the world in general.

Our aim is to edify the human person through creative, positive and intelligent application of knowledge at understanding the many challenges facing humanity and proffering solutions and answers to same.

We believe that readers are writers and we encourage you to continue to read and acquire knowledge and give back to humanity through writing, analysis, querying and explanation of various human phenomena and issues, with a view to providing answers and solutions to problems and challenges confronting humanity, thereby touching lives positively and edifying humanity in general.

Our interest cuts across various areas of human endeavors. We welcome for publication, well written articles, papers and write-ups that are very rich in content and character and able to identify and solves problems facing humanity.

Our Essay Competition platform handles well written and content-rich articles and papers that attract a token of financial reward to winners. We present questions unannounced and expect you to participate by answering them and forwarding your entries to us for review. Your work or entry qualifies for publication on our site if you are among the winners. That is followed by payment of a token sum of money to you for being among the winners as a way of encouraging you to read and write more and be able to understand and dymistify human challenges and proffer solutions to them.

Write well and earn money applies creative and quality thinking in querying and understanding the root factors behind the plethora of challenges facing humanity across the globe and proffering solutions to them for the edification of humanity.

Write well and earn money is a highly cerebral Internet platform interested in identifying human challenges, interrogating and confronting them head-on and providing answers and way out.

We humbly invite and welcome you to our quest and strong determination at creating a better world for the good and benefit of all.


Frank, Chukwuka Obianke Osimi,
Write well and earn money.


Meet the Author

Frank Chukwuka Osimi, is a human being created by God in His own image. He believes strongly in the supremacy of God over Heaven and the Universe.
He is a Historian and keen student of Society, with immense interest in statecraft.
He believes that injustice is the root factor  behind crisis anywhere and the solution to every crisis is found in enthronement and fair application and administration of justice.
He is a moving question mark that is NEVER tired of interrogating root factors behind challenges confronting humanity, analyzing them; explaining them and attempting suggestions and answers with a view to proffering solutions for edification of humanity.